The Benefits of SchoolSmart for Everyone

Easy Setup

We will work with you to provide all teachers with access to SchoolSmart. If you have a specific schedule and structure for conference days which all teacher's are expected to follow, we can create each teacher's schedule for you.

We realize the initial configuration of new products for an entire staff of teachers can be a hassle sometimes. We want to remove any burden on you by providing excellent and thorough service throughout this setup process.

There is a required fee associated with these services folded into the annual license fee.

Customized Splash Page and Domain

During the setup process, you will be asked to choose a custom subdomain. For example, if you are Lake View High School you can request All teachers and parents can access SchoolSmart via this custom subdomain.

An easy to use content editor is available to privileged users through which a welcome message and/or instructions can be added to your splash page. Images can be added, allowing you to brand the splash page with your school or district logo.

Secure Data

We take security very seriously. All data in and out of SchoolSmart servers is transmitted behind an SSL connection. Sensitive information is encrypted in the database. Database backups are taken nightly and stored offsite in redundant cloud storage.

Unlimited Publishing Privileges

The cost of publishing privileges for conference days is folded into the annual license fee. Teachers can create and publish as many conference days as they want. The only limit to the number of slots that can be added to a single conference day is the number of minutes in a day.

Administrative Panel

It's common for a secretary or other administrator to need access to all teachers' conference schedules, whether to generate reports, reserve slots for parents over the phone, or make other changes on a teacher's behalf. Privileged users have access to an administrative panel providing these abilities and more.

Unlimited Email & Phone Support

We offer unlimited email support to all staff and parents.

Request a Demo

Please request a demo if you would like to learn more about how SchoolSmart can make conference scheduling easier for your school or district.