The Facts About SchoolSmart's Pricing

Trial Accounts

Trial accounts are absolutely FREE to create & use. You can try out the majority of the services available without any commitment. We don't even ask for your email address to get started. Learn more about trial accounts or get started now!

Publishing Privileges

Parent's can sign up for conference slots for your conference days until you publish them. Publishing privileges can be purchased for only $2.99 per day. There are no other fees.

No Expiration on Purchases

There is no time limit on the use of your conference day, but it can only be used once. Until you have received at least 1 reservation for your conference day, you can change the scheduled date of your conference day.

This means you can purchase publishing rights for a conference day today that you don't plan to publish until next year. Once the scheduled date of a published day has passed, the day moves into a readonly state, becoming visible only to you, existing strictly for historical purposes.

Schools & Districts

Schools & districts may purchase annual licenses for all staff. Benefits include